Blast Door Map

Bsbll4 December 4, 2009 User blog:Bsbll4

So after doing a Season 2 rewatch I kept coming back to this questions about the blast door map:

Why did Radzinsky/Kelvin paint to where it can only be seen under black light?

I keep trying to come up with a reasoning, but none seem to be making sense. I was hoping with this past season we would get a better idea, but it really only confounds it further. With previous blogs discussing the role of Radzinksy in making the future happen the way it has, did he do it that way specifically tso John could see it during "Lockdown" and further make a decision that brings about the future?

They obviously had writing tools available to them while in the hatch, so flourescent paint (detergent) wasn't the only thing available. That means it had to be invisible some of the time and only visible at a specific moment on purpose. Anyone have any ideas?

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