LOST Fan Fiction

Season 5 Finale: The Incident

[Illana & co. are traveling in an outrigger with the big box. Frank is knocked out laying in the outrigger.]

Bram: Why are we paddling around the Island instead of going straight to the docks?

Illana: I need to see something first. 

Bram: Well we need to hurry. We don't have a lot of time!

Illana: Don't you think I know...

Henchman #1: Hey look!!!

[They see the silhouette of another outrigger in the distance.]

Bram: It could be Linus and that man!!!

[They paddle faster and faster. We see the outrigger in a little more detail just making out some characters' heads. Specifically a bald one.]

Henchman #2:It's him! 

[Bram opens fire]

Illana: What are you doing?!

Bram: Trying to slow him down!

Illana: We don't know who else is on that boat! 

[Suddenly shots from the other boat are returned.]

Bram: GET DOWN!!!

[Bram continues shooting. Shots come from both sides. ] 

Illana: Stop shooting! ... Stop!!

[Henchman #3 is shot and falls out of boat]

Bram: Dammit! 

Illana: [turns towards others] STOP!!! 

[We hear a weird popping noise.]

Bram: What the...?

[Illana turns around and we see the other outrigger is gone.]

Illana: Where'd they go?!

Bram: They just...disappeared.

Illana: That's not good.

[L O S T]

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