So these are some things that I feel were missing from Season 6 that I think could have realistically fit into the story and made the last season perfect for me...

1. The answer to who was in the outrigger shooting at time-traveling Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel, Charlotte, etc. in Season 5. There were SO MANY scenes in Season 6 where people were in Outriggers and I was like, "OOOOOHH! They're gonna show it!!!" AND THEN NOTHING!!!! I think a good spot would've been in the Season 5 finale where Illana, Bram, (knocked out)Frank, Locke in the Box, and co. are traveling to the main Island. They would've seen Locke and figured it was MIB and shot at him and then Juliet would've killed one of the extra people. I think it would've been cool to see Illana say something like, "It's him!" and start shooting at him and then we would wonder WHY ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL LOCKE?! Adding up to the big reveal that the Locke with Ben was the MIB. Then the outrigger would've dissapeared and they would've been like "HUH?" A 2 minute scene that easily could've answered a mystery.

2. A scene where we see MIB in smoke form transforming into Locke. I think that would've been something really cool for the finale that we've never seen before. The best place would've been when Locke and Ben confronted Rose and Bernard. He could've floated into the camp, and then shapeshifted into man form and the smoke would clear to reveal Locke and he would say, "Hello Rose..." Did you picture it? Wasn't it awesome? I guess they exhausted their CGI budget on Island light and crumbling cliffs and I would'nt want to see it if it was going to be as bad as that submarine. We all remember that submarine. Anyway just something that I think would've made the finale more special.

3. Finally, (and think this is what I missed the most) A CLAIRE CENTRIC EPISODE!!! Now I liked Claire. (I thought she was hot :D) But I was VERY dissappointed with her direction starting with season four. I realize the writer's strike had something to do with that but she kind of got shafted. She was no more important than Frogurt! After Charlie died (which she got over really quick) she was barely seen and then they made it to where she was NEVER seen! I was okay with her diassappearing because I knew they were gonna answer it but when the moment finally arrived they did it really quickly. She was a MAIN CHARACTER again for crying out loud! She should've had her own episode, like the old days. I enjoyed the story of her going crazy and becoming the new Rousseau but I think it would've been much better if she had her own episode like "Meet Kevin Johnson" where we got to SEE it! We could've seen her relationship with MIB and it would've given them more opportunities to answer some MIB/Jacob questions (Maybe even WHY it was crucial that she raise Aaron!). It would have been cool with her traveling trough time, creating her own shelter, fighting with the Others, giving birth to Squirrel Baby! Just a missed opportuniy for a kick-ass episode!

Otherwise I LOVED the final season! I'll admit it wasn't the best season but still awesome. What do you guys think was missing? Anything else? Nothing? I look forward to your comments! :)

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