Assuming we can talk about the promos now that the season is over I have something I need straightened out. After the finale a promo for season 6 was shown in which it was a white screen with some text and then Jack's eye from the pilot episode at the end. However a friend of mine from a different city said that at the end of the promo she saw TWO eyes and was pretty sure they were Juliet's. Now I know for a fact that what I saw was Jack's eye but maybe something different was broadcast in her town. Granted, Juliet's eyes would be pretty cool and kind of a neat teaser but I think maybe she was just mistaken. I tried to show her on youtube what I saw but she was still convinced she saw something else. I could see her confusing one eye for another but swearing she saw two eyes was a little bizarre.

So everybody who saw it please let me know what you saw in your living room so I can just asume she was nuts. Otherwise I'll be pissed that she got a cool teaser and I just got Jack's old boring eye...

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