I'm a little confused. I completely accept the theory of "whatever happened, happened" and did from the beginning (Even though I thought it was pretty hilarious that Miles and Hurley's conversation basically said to the viewers, "Okay stupids! This is the last time we are going to say it! So listen up!"). So even though I am on board with that, I have a question that I hope some will have an interesting theory to. If "whatever happened, happened" why was there the big mix up of who was supposed to turn the wheel? Christian (Jacob) tells Locke that HE was the one who was supposed to turn it but Ben turned it instead. The way it was supposed to happen was that Locke turned it which would have avoided this whole mess in the first place but Jacob seemed upset and questioning in Locke about why he didn't turn the wheel. Does Jacob have less knowledge about what is supposed to happen than Mrs. Hawking? I guess what I'm trying to get at is...If the Jacob said that Locke was supposed to move the wheel then why did the universe say that Ben was supposed to turn it and screw up time? What was the point of Ben turning the wheel as far as the big picture of time and the destiny of these characters? Why is the universe against Jacob's plan?

Any ideas?

Brotha305 18:56, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

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