So while I was watching the Incident "Enhanced" the other night, in the scene where Sawyer, Juliet, Kate, and Miles roll up in the van and give Jack cover fire one of the little enhanced pop-ups came up and said something like, "this is not the same van with Hurley, Sayid, and Jin...Juliet, Sawyer, Kate and Miles took a different van to the Swan site..."

I have a question and a theory about this...

First of all, where the hell did they get another van?! Are you gonna tell me there was just one hanging around or that they went all the way back to the Barracks to get one?!

Secondly, why did they have to tell us this? Why was it important? This is where my theory comes in...

I think that in Season 6 the bomb will just cause the incident like Miles said, and we will see a scene where Hurley and dying Sayid and Jin are hanging waiting at the van. Normally we would be like, "I thought the van was taken to the Swan for the battle?" but they made the effort to tell us about a second van so that wouldn't be an issue when we see it. If they weren't gonna show Hurley's van again later why tell us that there are two vans? We wouldn't have thought twice about it.

So I realize that this is kind of an outrageous theory based on a tiny detail but it just seemed strange to me. So to summarize, I think that the bomb will cause the incident and they will all still be in the 70s. They are planning to show Hurley's van again so they told us about the new van as not to confuse us. Let me know what you think. (I'm so excited!!!)

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