So I was gonna try to do 3 for each season but I got to Season 4 and realized this was getting a lot harder so I think this will be the last one. Sorry. It was fun while it lasted. Also I might try to take a break from Lostpedia until the premiere so as not to accidentally get spoiled by some jerk on the blogs. Anyways...

"What if Keamy had actually died when Richard shot him in the jungle rather than Ben stabbing him later?"

(This happens in the episode There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3.)

This is just for fun. Try to be as funny or specific as you like in your theory of how the plot of LOST would be different.

P.S. I was officially able to set my TiVo to record the 6th season of LOST today! It's almost here! Hooray! (It's the little things)

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