So I've been watching old LOST episodes on the Syfy Network. (I guess S-C-I-F-I was just one too many letters for people to handle. I mean seriously how the hell do you abbreviate an abbreviation?! Anyways...) I was watching "Raised By Another." In this episode we find out that Claire had visited a psychic and he told her that it was of the utmost importance that she raise the baby herself. Now when I am watching these old episodes it's kind of fun to think about the later episodes and "connect the dots", so to speak and its kind of fun. But this time, my mind went into a flurry of ideas and theories. He says she has to raise the baby herself and no one else can, and the first thing that came to mind was, "Well, it turns out Kate raises him." Now this got me thinking about things that were supposed to happen.

I immediately thought of the conversation that Widmore had with Locke in Tunisia about the "wrong side winning". Now I believe that Jacob is the good side and the other dude on the beach is the bad side (as supported by their black and white clothing). The bad guy did everything in his power to make sure he "won"(now what they're competing in I have no idea). I think he tricked Locke by making them move the island and then used Locke's body to trick Ben into killing Jacob and has used Christian's body on several occasions to trick people into helping him out. Which brings me back to my original topic...Aaron. I believe the bad guy used Christian to lure Claire away from the survivors and leave the baby so that it wasn't raised by her. Aaron is important somehow to the good side winning but only if he is raised by Claire.

But he wasn't and Jacob is killed by Ben and Locke is really dead and everything seemed to be going wrong....HOWEVER! I think that because of the efforts of Jack and co. in the 70's that will all be nullified and the "game" will be reset and this time the good side will do it right. Let me know what you guys think...(5 months to go!!!)


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