• Brotha305

    I miss this place...

    March 8, 2013 by Brotha305

    Been a looooong time. I miss LOST terribly but I've found a new obsession, Doctor Who. I kind of feel guilty sometimes but it's okay because I know LOST is still number one in my mind. I plan to do a rewatch this year. It's about time. :)

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  • Brotha305

    My deleted scene

    April 12, 2012 by Brotha305

    LOST Fan Fiction

    Season 5 Finale: The Incident

    [Illana & co. are traveling in an outrigger with the big box. Frank is knocked out laying in the outrigger.]

    Bram: Why are we paddling around the Island instead of going straight to the docks?

    Illana: I need to see something first. 

    Bram: Well we need to hurry. We don't have a lot of time!

    Illana: Don't you think I know...

    Henchman #1: Hey look!!!

    [They see the silhouette of another outrigger in the distance.]

    Bram: It could be Linus and that man!!!

    [They paddle faster and faster. We see the outrigger in a little more detail just making out some characters' heads. Specifically a bald one.]

    Henchman #2:It's him! 

    [Bram opens fire]

    Illana: What are you doing?!

    Bram: Trying to slow him down!

    Illana: We don't kn…

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  • Brotha305

    Missing from Season Six

    December 6, 2010 by Brotha305

    So these are some things that I feel were missing from Season 6 that I think could have realistically fit into the story and made the last season perfect for me...

    1. The answer to who was in the outrigger shooting at time-traveling Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel, Charlotte, etc. in Season 5. There were SO MANY scenes in Season 6 where people were in Outriggers and I was like, "OOOOOHH! They're gonna show it!!!" AND THEN NOTHING!!!! I think a good spot would've been in the Season 5 finale where Illana, Bram, (knocked out)Frank, Locke in the Box, and co. are traveling to the main Island. They would've seen Locke and figured it was MIB and shot at him and then Juliet would've killed one of the extra people. I think it would've been cool…

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  • Brotha305

    Here we go! We are almost to the end! But here are a few more theories to throw out there. So I believe that the Man in Black was trapped in the cabin at one point but the ash was broken before 815 crashed and he has been free to roam around and he hangs out in the cabin on his down time.

    Now when 815 crashed he found Christian's coffin and took his body out of it and hid it in the cabin. This is why the coffin was empty. We know that he is pretending to be John Locke but Locke's body is still around. So here's what I think. He hid Christian's body in the cabin and used it when he wanted.

    So later when Hurley looks in the cabin he sees Christian sitting there and then an eye, I think it was the Man in Black's eye and just Christian's body si…

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  • Brotha305

    I was watching "The Variable" today and noticed something interesting about what Daniel Faraday said. He said they needed to find his mother because she was he only one who could get them "back to where we belong." I thought that was interesting because we aren't quite sure why the castaway's traveled back to 2007 after Jughead went off but after hearing that statement something tells me that Eloise and Daniel knew that setting off Jughead wouldn't just change the past but would also help the castaway's get back to their present time. I have no idea how they would know these things it really got me thinking. Especially about Daniel's motivation behind his Jughead plan. Just an interesting thought. What do you guys think?

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