Now that LOST is slowly winding down, and will ultimately come to a close after one more short season (how depressing), I started thinking back & wondering how Lost's seasons and story arcs would be remembered by its fans...

What I've noticed over the years, is that everywhere you look, people are always praising the current season as the best ever. After Season 4, everyone said, "Oh my God season 4 was the best season ever!! Best Lost season by far!!" And now as it grows further away, people are becoming more level and logical in their thinking, rather than just praising it since it was most fresh in their minds. Season 5 will be praised and adored for the whole year since it's new to everyone, and we're all still in such awe of it - like a young child with a new video game which is immediately his favorite game ever.

But I think years from now ... when everyone looks back at Lost, they'll be thinking & watching it with more objectivity, and without that extra ‘new & fresh’ child-like element. Season 5 won't seem all that cool, because the initial appeal and shock value will have worn off, and we'll realize that the 2-hour finale could have been done in 45 minutes. I know we all loved it, but c’mon, realistically, it was the weakest finale of the series by far.

I suppose if you love the sci-fi elements and the craziness, then you'll probably be a bigger fan of the later seasons in the long run. But bigger isn't always better. The more level & grounded storylines of the earlier seasons, along with the vastly superior character flashbacks and story arcs will most likely keep the early seasons higher on most people's lists looking back. From a storytelling standpoint, there really is nothing better than finding out why Locke feels such a connection to the Island and what kind of 'miracle' happened to him (S1,E4 - Walkabout). Finding out that some mystery man was NOT on the plane, and wondering who he is and where he came from (S1, E10 - Raised by Another). Or why this silent giant, Mr. Eko, carries a stick and seeks redemption for some unknown events of his past (S2, E10 - 23rd Psalm). Finding out why is Sawyer the way he is, what Kate did, learning details about Jack's daddy issues that ultimately shaped him into the character we watch each week... THESE are the storylines that have emotional attachment and get you invested. And I think in the long run we'll appreciate the early seasons much more than the later.

I'm curious how the rest of the community feels about this as well, so please let me know what your opinions are on my thoughts above. Thanks everyone, - MTD

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