Last week's awesome episode - 'The Candidate' - served an important purpose in establishing Fake Locke/Man in Black/Smoke Monster as THE bad guy, THE chief antagonist of the season and pretty much all of Lost in general. Why on Earth would you completely negate all of that great work just one week later by having the audience suddenly feel sympathy for the character? He was held on The Island by his mother, never allowed to leave, and all he wanted to do was see what there was beyond The Island. He didn't come off as a bad guy at all, and his desires were totally reasonable.

Then take Jacob... they basically made him out to be a naive & gullible mama's boy with no brain of his own... just doing whatever he was told and never really questioning it. I understand they have been blurring the lines, making it very unclear who the 'good' & 'bad' characters are. They have been keeping it in shades of grey; everyone tilting on that 'scale' Dogen had spoken about. Nobody is really fully good or fully evil. But to completely ruin the heat & hatred that was just put on Fake Locke's shoulders after last week...? That seems a silly move. They had us guessing all season, and last week was that BOOM moment, where we were all hooked and realized that HE was the bad guy, HE was the villain. Why wouldn't they want to keep the antagonist strong? Why have the audience feel sympathy for him now?

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