I'm curious to see what people think about Jacob as the protector of the island. I have arguments that Jacob was an idiot or a manipulative fool. So how do you think Jacob did as protector of the island?

I'll tell you what I think: a lot of people who like Jaocb insist that he did not force the candidates to come to the island, they made choices that brought them to the island. That is nonsense, Jacob brought them there, without Jaocb's influence I doubt the main characters would have crashed on the island. Keeping this in mind I still think that Jaocb did a fare job as protector; even though focing the candidates to come to the island he gave them a purpose in life and, ultimately their lives were inproved on the island.

So what do you think about Jaocb? Would you vote for him in the 2012 presidential election? xD

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