• BrianBuckley

    Who's bad? Who's good?

    February 27, 2009 by BrianBuckley

    So we have a few sides going on here. Ben vs. Widmore is one. I think that they are both good and bad. Ben generally wants what is best for the island, but he makes a lot of mistakes along the way and gets caught up in personal stuff. I was really liking Ben until he killed Locke, but you could see that he was sad to do it, and he did it because he had to. I don't know if Ben knew that Locke would be resurrected when he got the Island though. Widmore really seems like he loves and misses being on the island. He's just mad at Ben for getting him off the island. There are good and bad forces on the island too. I always thought that Christian Shephard was speaking for Jacob, but he might not be. Is Jacob good or bad. They could be to opposing…

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