LOSTpedia Wrong? Statue of Taweret? Who said that?

I would like to call a change to the "Statue of Taweret" page. I do not believe it has been made clear that Taweret is the statue. The creators have referred to the statue as a male. How could this be if the GODDESS Taweret is female? I think it is just as likely that the statue could be Soberk. Another Egyptian GOD with the head of a crocodile and who is also depicted carrying ankhs. to quote, "Sobek's ambiguous nature led some Egyptians to believe that he was a repairer of evil that had been done, rather than a force for good in itself" hmmm sound like someone? Maybe that is why Jacob resides under the statue. I think due to the fact Taweret was the first GOD/GODDESS discovered by fans with the head of a crocodile they branded the statue with that name. I doesn't make sense at this point in time for the statue to be a GODDESS of fertility, I mean the island has baby problem but those did not come about until long after the statue was destroyed.

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