• Brandrone

    We know that Penny's two men were able to see the island's location after Desmond turned the fail safe key. I found it very interesting that they said, "That's it isn't it, we missed it again.

    I wonder what they missed the first time around and what may have caused the island to become visible then, and when?

    Any ideas?

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  • Brandrone

    thought on WHH

    September 1, 2009 by Brandrone

    let me preface this with, "its just a thought."

    what if "whatever happened, happened" was a true statement, but the losties in 77' did in fact change the future?

    WHH; all the events that happened that brought the losties to 77' happened, they can't be changed. they crashed in 2004, they were rescued, they came back...ect. They are in the 70's that cannot be changed. example: you go back in time and kill your father, you still exist because the events that brought you there happened, Whatever happened, happened.

    blowing up the bomb; the losties did blow up the bomb, only the effects of it only exist in the 2004 that is going to happen, not the 2004 crash that brought them here. example: here is a time line to help explain.

    1977------2004 815 …

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  • Brandrone

    I will try to make this short because I am more interested in what people think about the idea rather than trying to predict exactly how this will play out.

    My theory is Christian and UnLocke at 2 separate people (or beings or entities whatever) due to the fact that after flight 316 crashes they both seem to appear at the same time in 2 different places. 1) Christian appears to Sun and Frank while 2) UnLocke appears to Ben.

    Any thoughts?

    Also, I believe there might be 3 or even 4 entities on the island. Granted they may not all be playing on separate sides some might just be in it for helping the survivors not Jacob or MIB/UnLocke. I believe these entities to be;

    Jacob (white)
    Nemesis/UnLocke (black)
    Christian Shephard (Christian when he is wear…

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  • Brandrone


    June 18, 2009 by Brandrone

    Check this out. (Info) Note: Notice the Hanso Foundation Icon at the bottom (Video) Note: The Video's copyright date is 2018

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  • Brandrone

    I would like to call a change to the "Statue of Taweret" page. I do not believe it has been made clear that Taweret is the statue. The creators have referred to the statue as a male. How could this be if the GODDESS Taweret is female? I think it is just as likely that the statue could be Soberk. Another Egyptian GOD with the head of a crocodile and who is also depicted carrying ankhs. to quote, "Sobek's ambiguous nature led some Egyptians to believe that he was a repairer of evil that had been done, rather than a force for good in itself" hmmm sound like someone? Maybe that is why Jacob resides under the statue. I think due to the fact Taweret was the first GOD/GODDESS discovered by fans with the head of a crocodile they branded the statue…

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