I don't know if anyone talked about it yet and if so, i'm sorry. And I also apologies for mistakes.

I've noticed that in AT our characters are in a way better than in OT. They "redeem" themselves. For example, Jack is a good father, doesn't drink too much. Kate is helpful to Claire and she trust her(even if Ray Mullen turn her in not so long ago). Ben chooses Alex over power (he hadn't done what he regret most). Locke is honest with Helen. Sayid sacrifice his love cause he's ashamed what he was doing in the Rep. Guard. They're still who they were: Kate-fugitive, Jack-man with daddy issues, Locke-man of faith and a little bit if anger, even Saiyd is still a killer, but when he's killing Keamy, he is doing it for The Greater Good. And Ben is as manipulative as always. But in some way they can fix their mistakes in AT. Just a thought, please don't hate me;)

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