With alot of people up in the air on the disscustion of if there will be a reset or not after the jughead went off here is some proof that i do believe we are headed for a reset but with a twist. The jughead goes off in the same spot as where desmond turns the fail safe key. From what we saw both incidents cause that white light explostion. But I was watching the episode in season 3 that was a desmond centric episode called (flashes before your eyes) at the time the episode aired we knew nothing about time travel coming up in lost or anything like that so the episode takes you through what seems like a dream while he is knocked out from turning the key but what i believe is actually him traveling back in time and living in a alternate reality. The whole time des is in this alt reality he is aware that he has already lived this part of his life before and its like a big deja vu sequence. I think this is proof that when the jughead went off all the losties will be sent back to the time they were on 815 but what will be weird to them is they will all be aware they have been to the island before. Im sorry if this post doesnt make alot of sense but i promise you if you watch "flashes before your eyes" you'lll all understand this is exactly what season 6 will atleast start as. please give me any feedback if anyone else agrees/disagrees.

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