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May 15, 2009
  • Boonesfarm

    OK... I'm going to put it out there... I hated the opening scene with Jacob and his nemesis... aka Esau. I've always enjoyed the ambiguous references to biblical references and the underlying theme of "good vs. evil." I didn't need to be slapped in the face with it. I thought it was kind of lame. And I perfered Jacob being an ominous, apparitional presence. I wanted him to be a mysterious presence not a 3-dimensional, mortal character. I liked discovering the parellels between the characters on LOST and religious figures; I never wanted it to become so literal.

    Other than that, I loved the episode. I loved the nonverbals that took place between Sawyer, Kate and Juliet during the scene with Rose and Bernard. PRICELESS! Jack wanting t…

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