I knew somewhere in my heart it would be Hurley. The perfect protector of the island. Someone who just wants to get along, enjoy life and make people happy. And he picked Ben for number 2!! Loved that, and did not see it coming. I was reminded of the heart-warming scene between Hurley and Ben from season 4 episode 11, I think, when Hurley breaks out a candy bar in front of Ben (who is a prisoner at this point) Then, the two exchange priceless looks at one another and Hurley breaks off half the candy bar and shares it with Ben. Now I see why that scene was important, even beyond the comical nature of it. These "aha" moments will happen many times, I'm sure, because this show is truly amazing in that it can be rewatched and enjoyed with a new perspective providing endless hours of good clean fun! Just look at all this discussion, even after the show is over! WOW! Also, Lostpedia is a great site and is a fun companion to the show. [[Category:Blog posts]]

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