I don't understand why you don't understand

I hear an awful lot of people saying they didn't understand Lost or that the show was intentionally vague. That season six didn't answer enough questions. That it went nowhere. I have to wonder if these people paid any real attention to the show at all because I find that in season six all the answers are there. It came to a fascinating close and pure resolution. I see it as a painting that you just have to look at for awhile and absorb it's information. You can't see it all at once. Just wanted to stick up for what I think was an awesome season with brilliant closure. If we made a list of everything we learned in Season 6 I bet it would be pretty long. Hey, why don't we? It may have been done already, but I just now thought maybe we could each take a turn commenting on a question that was finally answered in season 6.

I'll start....

We learn how old Richard is.

What else?

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