So Ben knows something. And it's possible that Alex and Danielle still don't know it. That they are all dead. What if Ben is staying behind to take advantage of the situation? Similar to Eloise. I'm not sure where the attraction came from, but it was there between Ben and Danielle. One cute, happy family. But, What happens when Danielle has her flood of memories? Or Alex? Is it all good, because they will "let go"? Or will they move on without Ben, leaving him alone? Maybe he will meet Annie somewhere and get to move on with her and his dad. I think he would move on, rather than die like Mikhail or Keamy...(I'm assuming if this happens in the afterlife, you go to hell) because he seems to have atoned for his sins during his stint as Hurley's first mate and resisted temptation for power at the cost of Alex in the afterlife. What do you think happens to dead Ben?

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