So through the 6 seasons, I have heard a lot of things said. Some funny, some moving. So I decided to write down some of my faves.

Sawyer to Locke: Hell, Locke, all ya need is an earring and a mop and you could be Mr. Clean.

Hurley: Dude, that was like, a Jedi moment.

Jack: If we can't live together, were gonna die alone.

Hurley to Desmond: So, the hatch, like, blew off your underwear.

(Conversation between Jack and Locke) Locke: Why do you find it so hard to believe? Jack: Why do you find it so easy? Locke: Its never been EASY!!!

Locke: Jack, you are a man of science. Me, I'm a man of faith.

Jin: Have a cluckety cluck cluck day, Hurley.

(Conversation between Jin and Hurley) Jin: Hello, Hurley. Hurley: Jin... you are speaking English? Jin: No, you are speaking Korean.


Desmond: See you in another life, brotha!

(Desmond's partner pushes the button) Desmond: What was that all about? Desmonds partner: Just saving the world.

Sawyer: Hell, baby, with that kinda money, why don't we go find an island somewhere, lay on the beach and drink monita's till were all toes up.

(Conversation between Sawyer and Hurley: Sawyer: Whatcha got there? Hurley: Nothin. Sawyer: You gotta spot of nothin on your chin there.

Charlie to Hurley: Ya right, man. And this baby is make of candy. Now if you will excuse me, I'm gonna flap my wings and fly off this island!

(Jack gets out of the shower) Locke: Mornin, Jack. Jack: You didn't wait till I was done in here? Locke: the steam opens up my pores.

Bernard to Eko: I think I liked you better when you used to hit people with a stick.

(Eko and Locke looking at a map) Eko: Is that a river? Locke: No, it's a wavy line.

Michael to Ana Lucia: I'm sorry I have to do this. (shoots her)

Hurley to a dying Libby: I'm sorry I forgot the blankets. :(



Shannon: You wanna know who I am? Name: Shannon Rutherford. Age: 20. Adress: Craphole Island.


(Locke and Ben conversation after Ben turns on light) Locke: How do you get electricity here?Ben: Well John, there are 2 giant hamsters running on a big wheel in an underground lair.

Sawyer to Claire: ...Hey, Arron!? Hes uh......uh..... looking a little less wrinkly than the last time I saw him.....? Sawyer to Claire: Here. (hands her blanket) I don't really like.... blankets...

Sawyer: Son of a BITCH!

Charlie to Eko: So what? You're gonna hit me with your Jesus stick?!

Eko: Do not mistake coincidence with fate.

Hurley to Jack: Uh, dude? You gotta little bit of Arzt on you.

Ben: So yes, I lied. That's what I do.

Charlie's hand: (Not Penny's Boat)

Locke to Jack: They know what their doing. To them, were just a bunch of scared idiots with sharp sticks.

dying Boone: Tell Shannon.... tell her..... tell.....(dies)

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