• Bobjsd

    Begin transmission.

    If you are sensing this memory implant it is because you have initiated the Memory Storage and Transmission facility of our ship. Via electromagnetic manipulation and control memories of our Ships Log are being impressed inside your Ka. The MST has scanned your Ib and transmutes the words, phrases, ideas and concepts of these reports into the form most closely recognizable and understandable based on the advancement of your intellect.

    Chronological Ships logs will be transmitted to you on a periodic basis.

    End transmission.

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  • Bobjsd

    I have been having a go with some of the shippers on this site with their tendency to make derogatory comments about the intelligence and dedication to the show of people disappointed in season 6 and the finale. There was a response by BooRadley2015 that I think pretty much hit the nail on the head and I couldn't do a better job, so I thought it deserved its own article post.

    This was a little disappointing. Your conclusion seems to be "haters gonna hate." But if you're going to write a thoughtful defense of the finale, it would help to address dissenting opinions rationally and respectfully, and not just dismiss them out of hand.

    You say you 'still hear and read the opinion “that it was rubbish.” That it “didn’t make sense” or “it was a co…

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  • Bobjsd

    What with a smoke monster security system it seems to do fine on its own. Just kill everyone who comes aboard...pretty much what it does most of the time anyway. In fact adding any human elements seem to complicate it exponentially.

    The protector doesn't seem to have much a job other than finding a new stooge to babysit the magic butt plug. He doesn't perform any maintenance, he doesn't routinely fill the gas tank, he doesn't even feed the monkey.

    So why?

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