There are a large numbers of mysteries on the island and odd happenings. Since Season 1, the audience has been left with copious amounts of head scratching, profanity, leaving the show, losing a lot of weight, coming back to the show, putting back on weight, and general confusion. However, cop-out or not, I think the root of most of the mysteries will all have the same answer. Crazy Island Electro-magnetism. Walking Locke? Crazy Island magnets. Rose getting better? Crazy Island magnets. Traveling through time and changing timelines? Magnets. Why did the Grinch’s heart grow so many sizes? A couple factors: one part Who-ville happiness, fifty parts electro-magnetism.

So far, a large chunk of the show’s greatest mysteries involve the natural super-magnets on the Island, and the we roll with it. Few characters do have special powers, like Hurley and Miles’ connection with the dead, or Walt’s special nature, but mostly the Island can give magnetic excuses. So, as for any major unanswered questions you may have about freaky stuff, my best is most of them have to do with magnets.

Why do pregnancies run afoul? Why did Walt’s powers go from weird to EXTRA weird? What causes the sickness? I bet the magnets are involved. I am willing to bet that the nature of the Smoke Monster and why he can’t leave are also directly connected to the magnetism. When the magnetism is gone, the Island will also go, at least according to this theory.

Why is this worth noting? Mostly because what was so intriguing about LOST was the mysterious nature of…well, pretty much everything. I recall hearing an interview with Damon and Carlton talking about Star Wars, the Force, and Midichlorians. The Force was mystical, and awesome, and a force (ha) behind possibly the best film series of all time. Midichlorians became the scientific excuse for the Force, taking away the mystery. The audience demands answers, but these scientific answers feel realistic—which we demand, but they also feel scientific and boring—which we abhor. Seeing as the creators recognize what makes things go from awesome to snoozeville gives me confidence that the show won’t be just a big bundle of “science did it” answers. I already know about the world where science did it, fellas. It is called “the world.”

Then again, they seem to have a pretty strong attachment to the magnets doing a lot in every season—even if they are doing supernatural things. Now it looks like the big finish is going to involve more on island magnets, plus underground magnetism…if the whole end-game is magnets, it might be a little disappointing. But that is the way it looks.

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