Everyone is caged up. We hear ticka-ticka-ticka, and then the horn that either means the Minnesota Vikings got a first down, or a Smoke Monster is going to kill people. It turns out to be the latter. Smokey kills the guard with the keys. Kate reaches out for them.

KATE: I think I can reach the keys!

She reaches as far as her little arm can reach (don't tell me she has the longest arms of the people in the cage) and is still six inches away. Unless she is Stretch Armstrong, that reach isn't going to happen. IF ONLY THERE WAS ANOTHER WAY OUT! Oh wait, 3 seasons ago you left the cage to have sex with Sawyer because you can fit out the top. In the time frame, it wouldn't have mattered because Jack showed up to unlock some doors. But if Jack wasn't there, her silly Kate brain may have killed everyone. Then again, Sawyer should have remembered, too, and his silly Sawyer brain did kill some people.

Just one more reason to look at Kate and say..."Can they shoot you one more time? Maybe center this one a little."

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