Blogs are usually focused on some theory of another. This is not that type of entry. These are my opinions of the best moments from the first half of this season.

Best of Season 6 (first half)

Best Mystery Reveals

3) The Candidates are Numbers are Lost People (The Substitute): Man In Black tells us that these people are candidates. And hey, those are all those numbers that we have been looking at for so long. So good a reveal, they have to do it some more in Lighthouse, too.

2) Most of...(Ab Aeterno): I’ll go with a tie between the things about MIB/Jacob’s past, Richard’s past generally, and the whole entrance of the Black Rock smashing through statues in his Air Force Ones. Everything about this episode screams awesome, glad I know that.

1) Man In Black is the Smoke Monster (LA X, Part I): So this was suspected as a possibility, and it might feel old now, but nobody really knew for sure. Then the smoke went and killed Ilana’s group (Bram in a super badass way—thought he was safe). Then Locke is all “Sorry you had to see me like that.” And I was like...AWESOME. And I was right. I remember watching Jimmy Kimmel later, and Carlton Cuse gave it away to the studio audience who hadn’t seen it yet—man, that was funny.

Best Emotional Scenes

3) Ben’s Monologue to Ilana (Dr. Linus): I wish this one could be Jack and his son, because I love Field of Dreams, and the whole father/son thing is pretty great. The problem is that Michael Emerson is magnificent, and his acting makes this scene super memorable.

2) Richard with Wife (Ab Aeterno): Richard’s wife is a new character, and we have never been that close to Richard. So why is this so tender? Two words: Nestor Carbonell. Nicely played, sir.

1b) Juliet’s Death (LA X, Part I): This should be #1 for virtually everyone, but my #1 hits me harder for some reason. Obviously a great scene, very touching, and a real emotional killer.

1a) Sawyer’s Grief to Kate (What Kate Does): This scene is heartache central. Kate came back to see Sawyer because she still has some feelings in the tank for Sawyer, but Sawyer—who had that and more for Kate—now can only miss Juliet. He realized that he was chasing a fantasy with Kate and built something real with Juliet. He reveals he wanted to spend his life with her, but laments that he is supposed to spend his life alone. Kate realizes that her shot with Sawyer may be gone forever because he loved someone else with his whole heart and probably can’t do it again. Also, both of them feel guilty for causing the death. Far and away the best part of this episode. Possibly Josh Holloway’s best, and certainly up there for Evangeline Lilly.

Best New Music Piece

3) Richard’s Theme (Ab Aeterno): Tender themes for tender moments.

2) Creepy Catch a Falling Star (Sundown): Not really an original, but certainly notable for the mega-creepy factor.

1) End of First Episode (LA X, Part I): Don’t know the title, but it is the amazing piece that plays as the plane lands. Michael Giacchino has hit some massive home runs in this series (and now he has an Oscar for "Up" just to prove that he cranks out awesome as well as anybody), and this ranks with the best. There’s No Place Like Home, Life and Death, Parting Words, and that isn’t the end of the list. This is another slam dunk, touchdown, other sports scoring metaphor. Love it.

Biggest WHOA Moments

3) Island Underwater (LA X, Part I) : Hey, the Island is underwater. There is still a Dharmaville and Dharma Shark. C’mon, that is pretty shocking.

2) Temple Massacre (Sundown/LA X, Part I): Leads off with Sayid savagely killing Dogan and Lennon, then Smokey smokes everybody else. Equal to Smokey smoking everyone earlier. Let’s combine Smokey doing what he does into one, but the aftermath of the Sundown was way creepier, and there was way more death. Haunting.

1) Most of (Ab Aeterno): Crashing into the statue, the MIB is a massive manipulator, the island is a cork keeping evil in, all the crew getting killed, Smokey crushing more guys (with blood dripping). Fist fight between Jacob and Richard’s face. Choosing sides for the big fight. Tight. I wet my pants all episode. I did not know I could generate that much urine.

Dumbest Moments

3) Stinger submarine!!! Ending (Recon): When they ended Recon with Sawyer telling Kate we aren’t using the plane to leave. We are using THE SUBMARINE! DUN DUN DUUUN! Wait, why is that a dun dun dun? That seems like the more reasonable possibility. I guess the episode had to end sometime, and dramatic noises are always interesting.

2) General Others Mysteriousness (All): Can’t tell the Candidates anything. But they almost killed them when they showed up? So, they know these Candidates are showing up eventually, but kill people willy nilly? Oh, it turns out these guys at the Temple are candidates. Dogen’s plan of action: tell no one anything. Comes a time when that goes from holding important secrets for manipulation (Jacob) to just being douchey. Not sure there is a lot of point in being super secretive now, especially since he slowly leaks secrets to Jack, anyways.

1) Most of (What Kate Does): Off the Island, Kate makes the great escape in a taxi that Eddie Mars almost reaches. Then it has to stop for awhile. Finally it gets going, Kate finds the right junkyard body shop to get handcuffs off, and is overcome with sad feelings. She helps Claire, but the people couldn’t call to say they didn’t want the baby anymore—huh? She goes to the hospital, trust is implicit now, production error on the machine, and now Claire gives Kate her credit card. This all makes sense, right? I will assume there is an explanation for the trust and Claire knowing Aaron’s name. But on the island, it is all worries about Sayid, there are some vague torture tests that probably won’t get real answers, and more Others mysteriousness. Once they decided to be honest with Jack, things were easier, but they had to go through a bunch of stupid to get there. By the by, Claire is crazy now, and she just shot Mac—I mean, Aldo. No, I mean Mac. Earlier, Kate knocked him out with just a water bottle push. Yeah, right.

All in all, some pretty enjoyable moments so far, even if it hasn't been my favorite season.

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