• BlindedByTheLight

    The Troubles with the New Look

    Anyone notice that if you have Javascript turned off in your browser, Lostpedia pages appear with black text on a blue background? I find it unattractive, but more importantly it's not exactly easy to read. Maybe that's an incentive so you enable Javascript which enables ads, but I find it problematic.

    For one thing, if you're a security conscious user visiting from a search engine you probably have Javascript off. Who's not familiar with Noscript under Firefox?

    Also if you're looking at Google's cache of a Lostpedia page you get the unattractive look.

    This just doesn't seem like a good idea. If you're trying to attract eyeballs why would you do this? Seems like it would be better to provide a good experience in …

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  • BlindedByTheLight

    Since the "DHARMA Initiative" name and symbol recur often throughout the series, an investigation of dharma suggests a path toward an explanation of events within the story. Dharma is an essential tenet of Buddism, and while it has many shades of meaning, this one seems the most appropriate for now: The essential nature of a thing. In Buddism the essential nature of the universe rests on the concept of eternal recurrence which proposes that existence is an infinite cycle of lives or realities from which the individual must strive to liberate themselves. Attaining liberation is described as "Enlightenment" or "Awakening". This model of eternal recurrence will confine itself to the previously stated definition to keep things simple, flexible…

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