K, been thinking about the outrigger scene, and the "rules". now this is nothing but huge supposition on my part.

What if the MiB is not impervious to bullets and what not, what IF he simply knows the only way he can die is if certain events come to pass, and therefore knows he cannot die due to the properties of the island itself?

k, that's the easy part, here's where i take huge leaps and pull out my afore mentioned suppositions.

What if, one of the rules is that he can only be killed by someone who is already dead? and what if in that infamous outrigger scene, which hasn't happened yet, Juliet shoots Flocke in the other outrigger? Technically Juliet is already dead at that time, yet still alive as she was time skipping as well. I have no basis for any of this but i made my wifes brain hurt with it, so i figured i'd toss it out here, especially since there's not much time left for me to be humiliated.

Enjoy evicerating it!