This has been bugging me for awhile, and now i'm getting a little paranoid. I just started a different blog about the possibility of Carole bringing Aaron home and ending up on the island...but then it hit me, AGAIN, they never told us when/how she recovered from a coma that Chritian was certain she would never pull out of. As far as we know Claire didn't speak to her before she got on the plane, and if she was flying to the adopted family for Aaron, why wouldn't Carole have come along at least for moral support if nothing else? BAM i suddenly thought, we DON'T know that she survived/woke up. What if she was pretending to be Claires mom simply to get Aaron away from Kate, or, maybe she is who she says she is but was recruited by Jacob or MiB. This could also open a new line of which Littleton is the candidate.

Or any combination of what i just said.

Or i'm just paranoid and need it to be tuesday night again.

my brain hurts.

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