• Bioject

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Ben's reaction to Locke and for once, I hope he's actually surprised. I hope his initial facial expression is so convincing that even if he tries lying his way into supposedly knowing, the audience will be sure it was bullshit.

    I worry because I was expecting an interesting scene between Desmond and Hawking but we really didn't get anything interesting out of it which makes me think the same will be true between Ben and Locke.

    Fortunately both Ben and Locke are the two strongest actors on the show so it's bound to be good no matter what lines they are given.

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  • Bioject

    In the episode "Because you Left," Richard helps Locke with his bullet wound in 2008 or further in the future. This is true because Richard mentions "They are already home." Don't believe me then watch the scene again. Anyway I think this clearly implies that in the time Richard helps Locke, the oceanic six have already made it back to the island.

    Anyway if everyone agrees me with, someone should fix the date on the Because you left lostpedia entry.

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