while on the episode list for season 6 on lost pedia i found this:

  1. 14 "TBA" (unknown)
  2. 15 "TBA" (unknown)

--- "TBA" (none)

  1. 16 "TBA" (unknown)

see between 15 and 16 theres a {none} it might be a recap but it doesnt really say theres a recap before 1 :

--- "TBA" (recap)

  1. 01 "TBA" (unknown)
  2. 02 "TBA" (unknown)
  3. 03 "TBA" (unknown)

but even thou before the finals theres a recap , do you really think they would do that just before the series final? its probly just a recap - , no biggie , but what if its not , what if its something else

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