Lost Island Of Mystery 2

BillzFilmz December 4, 2009 User blog:BillzFilmz

[A short series before season 6]

Lost - Island Of Mystery

Season 1 Episode 2 : Splash

The Rip Pulled me under , I couldn’t see my mates they were still in the tail section , I looked up and in the faint distance saw smoke. I started to swim to land.

I could see it just ahead but something started swimming around my feet.I looked down it was a shark. I got pulled under. I Kicked it in the head and kept swimming. I reached land.

3 Months Later....

A helicopter started coming down. I heard someone say "so we can go , off the island" i turned around it was kate. Eight of us got on. Mid-Flight we started to lose fuel. A man named sawyer jumped out.

We reached the boat. someone screamed "bomb" we turned around.

As i am writing this the helicopter is going down, if you find this i am dead. ARGH the boat exploded a piece of metal is flying towards us....

[Lost : Island Of Mystery]

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