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    Walt & Aaron

    December 7, 2009 by BillzFilmz

    i was watching season 5 last night again and watched " 316 and Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham " and in jeremy bentham when locke went to get everyone back why didnt Aaron need to come back? i know walt didnt cause he didnt leave then but Aaron? i think this has been answered and i missed it but why?

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  • BillzFilmz

    Station7 i need help

    December 5, 2009 by BillzFilmz

    on your lost the journey page on the side how did you add the catagory "bob crash . etc" im trying to add stuff on the side , how?

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    What Could It Be?

    December 5, 2009 by BillzFilmz

    while on the episode list for season 6 on lost pedia i found this:

    1. 14 "TBA" (unknown)
    2. 15 "TBA" (unknown)

    --- "TBA" (none)

    1. 16 "TBA" (unknown)

    see between 15 and 16 theres a {none} it might be a recap but it doesnt really say theres a recap before 1 :

    --- "TBA" (recap)

    1. 01 "TBA" (unknown)
    2. 02 "TBA" (unknown)
    3. 03 "TBA" (unknown)

    but even thou before the finals theres a recap , do you really think they would do that just before the series final? its probly just a recap - , no biggie , but what if its not , what if its something else

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  • BillzFilmz

    so this is my final island of mystery post

    if you liked the series check out its new location:

    There is the first 3 episodes on there with more posted regulary

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    [A short series before season 6]

    Lost - Island Of Mystery

    The Complete Story

    ‘Journal : September 22nd 2004’

    We board the plane , just me and my mates. We walk past a pregnant lady and a fugitive. We get to our seats and sit down , we are in the back.

    Six Hours In The plane begins to shake. I run to the front but a guy knocks me down . Some flight attendants and security chase him. I get to the middle and then the back tears off. I get pulled out and… Crash , fell into the ocean.

    The Rip Pulled me under , I couldn’t see my mates they were still in the tail section , I looked up and in the faint distance saw smoke. I started to swim to land.

    I could see it just ahead but something started swimming around my feet.I looked down it was a shark. I g…
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