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May 28, 2010
  • Bigdog33

    in the end...

    August 30, 2010 by Bigdog33 probably comes down to whether or not the 'emmy big wigs' watch the show.

    they are my least favorite people.

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  • Bigdog33

    would you get on oceanic 815 if you knew it was going to crash on the island?

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  • Bigdog33

    a much maligned episode

    August 3, 2010 by Bigdog33

    when i was re-watching the season 3 earlier this year i watched and loved the episode 'trisha tanaka is dead'. when i read a few blogs and then read IGNs 'LOST ranking every episode' i noticed that the episode came in second last of all time. so i watched it again... and still loved it because it is the last real time in the series that some of our favorite characters get a chance to relax and have a bit of fun like playing golf in season 1 or poker in season 2. this show becomes very fast moving after this and there is no time to slow down. when you think that charlie dies very soon after the episode becomes extra special. it's no dramatic cliffhanger, but its the kind of laid back episode the show needed once in a while.

    what do you think…

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  • Bigdog33

    does anybody else notice that the colouring of the episodes is a lot darker in season two when compared with the rest. i'm not just talking about scenes in the hatch, the red colours such as fire or dirt stand out more than the greens and blues like the forest or ocean. i don't know what its called but its probably because of the colour wash part of the editing phase, was there a different person working in this role during season two?

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  • Bigdog33

    on the season 5 extras dvd 'mysteries of the universe: the dharma initiative' i seem to recall a part where a food drop unintentionally landed on another island.

    well anyway the church where the lamp post was, and presumably everything dharma had (eg. submarine) from when hanso & co. ran the show, was purchased by eloise hawking after the purge and whatever else.

    so doesn't this suggest that she was responsible for organising the food drop, which i dare say may have also been aranged by ben when he 'civilised' the others?

    does this have anything to do with the lingering food drop question or am i completely off topic?

    my suggestion of course being that the others stole dharma's food drop idea after the purge.

    or was this already obvious?

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