it was less then two weeks ago when i knew nothing about lost. yes, i knew that it is an international craze and was the obsession of many of my friends but to honest i had no interest in it what so ever.

that being said; i am currently addicted to the series.

one of my lost obsessed friends pointed out to me how much i would love the show and how easily episodes can be found online. i figured I'd give it a shot, but i had my doubts going in. while not a fan of lost, i have been a fan of JJ Abrhams, and i am all to familiar with his methods. its obvious that he likes to jerk his fans around by giving them just enough info to be curious, as he did with Cloverfeild and does with Fringe. knowing this i had a feeling lost would cause me more frustration than it would entertainment. i was proven wrong.

so it was two weeks ago that i watched the pilot. since then i have caught up with every episode since; finishing "LaFleur" last night. (91 episodes in 14 days)

i could not stop my self. at times, it would 3am, and once the familiar ending "LOST" tittle hit the screen, i would be clicking on the next episode.

but what is it about this show that makes it so addictive? the answer is pretty obvious: the show never lets you know what the hell is going on. ever.

and the reason we keep watching is because we think there might be an answer in the next episode. or the next one. or the next one.

so its settled: as much as i hate to say it, i am a lost fan. but to all those fellow worshipers i must say this,

no matter how much you love to say it and stand behind this belief: lost is not the greatest show in television history.

iv heard this so many times, "lost is the best show ever!" or "its greatest show of all time!" but i must respectfully disagree.

lost is not the best show ever. its the most complex show ever. its the most enthralling show ever. but best show ever? i think not.

is it a good show? with out a doubt. and on the list of 'greatest tv shows in history' its high up on the list, but its no 'Sopranos' or even 'House' (yeah i said it. house is better.)

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