• Bfederman

    it was less then two weeks ago when i knew nothing about lost. yes, i knew that it is an international craze and was the obsession of many of my friends but to honest i had no interest in it what so ever.

    that being said; i am currently addicted to the series.

    one of my lost obsessed friends pointed out to me how much i would love the show and how easily episodes can be found online. i figured I'd give it a shot, but i had my doubts going in. while not a fan of lost, i have been a fan of JJ Abrhams, and i am all to familiar with his methods. its obvious that he likes to jerk his fans around by giving them just enough info to be curious, as he did with Cloverfeild and does with Fringe. knowing this i had a feeling lost would cause me more f…

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