We know that Juliet was told by Richard that Mittelos Science (where she was going for training) was in Portland. That turned out to be a lie.

Ben was born "32 miles from Portland". In the USA there is a town that is actually 32 miles from Portland, OR. The town is called Mt. Angel, and the name of the architect who built the church there? Alvar Aalto.

Also, on a completely (seemingly) unrelated note - do you know who else was born near Portland, OR? The real-life Walt Dawson. I know - Walt's name in Lost is Walt Lloyd, but it was supposed to be Walt Dawson if Susan and Michael didn't breakup. The real-life Walt Dawson was a very special kid, too. At the age of 10 he spoke to the President and Congress about the effects of Alzheimer's disease on his Dad. Wouldn't have been nice if real Walt's Dad could've been taken to the Island and cured?

I know - many of you are going to say these random clues means absolutely nothing. But maybe these Easter Eggs are pointing to something. The town of Mt. Angel, 32 miles from Portland - is especially intriguing to me.

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