(the one on Lost, not the blogger)

1. Eloise is pregnant with Daniel (after shooting him) in 1977. This would make him the "Doogie Howser" Professor at Oxford in 1996. They do say he's the youngest doctorate graduate ever, but still - 19 is really, really, young.

2. Eloise is pregnant with another child, but loses that baby due to the Incident. Daniel is actually a young child at the time - maybe 7 years old. This would make him 26 in 1996 -still a young professor, but much more plausible. Eloise goes back and forth between America and the Island. So that when we see her and Daniel at the piano it's actually the first time she sees him since she shoots him on the Island.

3. Eloise is pregnant with Daniel when she shoots him, but he dies in childbirth as a result of the Incident. Thereby eliminating the paradox, and showing us how the Incident and fertility issues are intertwined.

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