Remember when Glinda tells Dorothy to click her heels together three times, and tells her that she had the power to go home the whole time? Glinda couldn't tell Dorothy how to get home before her journey, Dorothy had to figure it out for herself.

For those of you who haven't seen it, I urge you to check out a blog post by Mystimus titled Hidden in Plain Sight: Mind Blowing Symbolism. I also urge you to click on all the links within the post. It is incredibly written, and really illuminating. For me, the most "eye opening" (pun intended) passage was about the Black Smoke.

The Black Smoke Monster

Rosicrucian Philosophy says the following about discarnate spirits.

The man who has lived a clean and spiritual life, after passing out at death remains but a short time in the lower part of the desire world. As soon as he has freed himself from his physical body he quickly rises into the finer matter of the desire world. But the man who has never known what a pure life meant, who had not thought of life beyond the grave, is like the thick, black smoke: he hovers close to the physical plane. He prefers to cling close to his old haunts, especially if he has a grudge against someone on the earth plane and wishes to get even; then he will remain earthbound until he has succeeded in revenging himself upon the other fellow. He will hover about spiritualistic seances or the place where his enemy lives until he has succeeded in influencing some weak or negative person to carry out his plan of revenge.

This passage made the MiB's existence and quest so clear. It made me imagine a Wizard of Oz moment where Jacob (or his proxy) tells MiB, "You had the power to leave this place and go "Home" all along." "All you had to do was "let go" of your anger and desire for revenge and embrace love."

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