I would love some feedback on why so many people are so quick to jump to the conclusion that certain discrepancies on the show are production errors. The catalyst for this post is the on-going discussion about Ajira 316 taking off in 2008 and landing in 2007, but there have been many other instances where very intelligent/informed fans jump to that conclusion. While I am aware that there have been some minor mistakes made on the show, it is just so clear to me that the writers of this show are very, very detailed oriented. The person who created John Locke's passport didn't just pick a date out of hat, and the dates - whether it was 108 days until rescue, or 3 years later, or 30 years ealier - weren't just randomly chosen.

At least that's the way I've seen it, but maybe I'm giving them too much credit. Who knows, maybe John Locke's Mom & Ben's Mom have the same name because the writers couldn't come up with any other good female names for Moms out there...

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