I just watched the Comic Con panel on You Tube, and I have one question & one observation:

Question: I have never watched the Comic Con before. In the past have the fake promos been "red herrings" used to throw the audience off, or have the video clips generally been teasers in the right direction?

Observation: As the panel segment was ending they started playing a (very cool sounding) acoustic version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I thought that was HUGE. There have been so many references to the the Wizard of Oz on the show, and to have that song playing as the exit music for the last audience discussion about the final season, I think is very telling.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat - I am NOT saying that I think that Lost is literally about the Wizard of Oz. I am just saying that I believe that the writers must be basing some of the story on their interpretation of themes from the Wizard of Oz, and that may gives some clues as to where they are going in Season 6.

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