Dogen - the most "in your face" reference to a real life person, yet. Dogen wrote "The Treasury of the Eye of the True Dharma", and lived in a Temple exactly like the one on the show...I mean, come on - we gotta try to crack this open a little, right? Dogen's writings were always wrestling with the question (paraphrased, of course) If man is born enlightened, then why (in Buddhism) is life a journey towards enlightenment? And his ultimate answer was It's all enlightenment, the path, the living, the journey. In this sense, he seems to embody both MiB and Jacob - Destiny AND Free Will.

So, perhaps he is looking to "kill" Sayid because Sayid has demonstrated enlightenment, and therefore deserves to be returned to his "life". Just like Shannon, and Ethan, and Charlie...but my bet is that Charlie will be back on the Island again, maybe because it doesn't look like his enlightenment lasted too long :)

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