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  • Ber418

    The Lastest Long Con

    May 12, 2010 by Ber418

    Sorry if this theory has been put out there before... But, What if the Mother was the original smoke monster, or at least the earliest that we've seen (hence, the destroyed village/dead villagers). What if she told the boys not to go into the light, precisely because she knew MiB would do it. And she wanted him to do it because she wanted him to be the one to stay on the Island forever?

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  • Ber418

    A ship, an airplane, and a box where things are kept for rainy days - it's all in there! These lyrics blew my mind. I tried to find some evidence of the producers/writers coming in contact with the band, but I couldn't.

    across the sea there's a little house where all our dreams do come true our giant ship will take us there it will take us there

    across the sky there's an aeroplane that takes us all to somewhere else our giant ship can take us there our giant ship will take us there it can take us there i should have been there yesterday i should have been there yesterday

    across the lawn is a tiny box where things are kept for rainy days i should have been there yesterday i should have been there yesterday i should have been there yesterday i should …

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    Remember when Glinda tells Dorothy to click her heels together three times, and tells her that she had the power to go home the whole time? Glinda couldn't tell Dorothy how to get home before her journey, Dorothy had to figure it out for herself.

    For those of you who haven't seen it, I urge you to check out a blog post by Mystimus titled Hidden in Plain Sight: Mind Blowing Symbolism. I also urge you to click on all the links within the post. It is incredibly written, and really illuminating. For me, the most "eye opening" (pun intended) passage was about the Black Smoke.

    The Black Smoke Monster

    Rosicrucian Philosophy says the following about discarnate spirits.

    The man who has lived a clean and spiritual life, after passing out at death re…

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  • Ber418


    May 10, 2010 by Ber418

    Kate is the one character that seems no better off, and in fact worse off, in the FS as she was in the OT. Maybe that's why she's not a candidate anymore. If the Lighthouse was a window to the FS, perhaps Jacob saw that Kate did not become enlightened/changed, and therefore, her name was crossed off. She can't be saved.

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  • Ber418

    I have been reading posts about The Candidate and some viewers mourning the death of Jin & Sun. My feeling was one of relief, as in "phewww, now they can be done with the nightmarish roller coaster ride relationship, and get on with their life together." I was especially relieved when I Saw Jin in the FS on his way to Sun's room with an arm full of white roses (which btw symbolize purity and true love). If he's bringing her flowers, I would imagine that both Sun & the baby survived. Please feel free to point out why I'm wrong...

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