So after watching the premiere for the first time ("We're going to have to watch that again.") a couple of theories have popped into my head regarding key plot points and characters on the show.

So they revealed that Flocke is the smoke monster. I believe that the smoke monster, or "Dark Entity" as I see it being called now, has tehe ability to integrate itself with any corpse on the island. This allows it to take the person's shape as well as give it access to all of their past thoughts and memories. This is how it was able to take the form of Yemi, Christian, and Locke. I imagine someone might argue that Walt isn't dead so how could it take his form. I don't think that Walt's apparition was the Dark Entity, but something unique about Walt himself.

The temple water and Sayid. I don't think that Sayid is posessed by Jacob in the end which many people seem to think. No one in this show has ever been posessed. As I said before, Christian and Yemi etc were never really there. They were just the Dark Entity taking their forms. I believe that the water is the literal life force of the island. It has been what has healed the survivors. It was clear prior to Jacob's death and is now murky. As the blood of the island, it is also an indicator as to the island's health. Jacobs has always been an integral part of the island and now with his absence the purity of the water is now tainted.

I believe Sayid is Sayid and that death is a part of the water's healing process. The temple dwellers had said that they were going to be in big trouble if they didn't help Sayid, but when they were unable to they didn't seem worried in the least.

Finally, I believe that Jacob and the Dark Entity are the embodiment of Light vs Dark. Jacob is able to leave the island as seen in the season 5 finalé. I propose that the island is a prison meant to hold the Dark Entity and Jacob was his guard. Jacob was given reign over the mainland, the Dark Entity was given reign over the island. Jacob was able to influence people when they were not on the island but could not influence them once they got there. The opposite can be said of the Dark Entity.

To put it simply, the whole thing is a game of backgammon. Two sides, one light, and one dark. How does one win? By taking control of the other's domain. The Dark Entity's goal is to leave the island. Jacob's goal is to keep him on it. The two players have to abide by a set of rules. So some rules would be as follows...

1) Players may not harm each other. (I believe this is how this rule was understood. However, the Dark Entity and Charles Widmore found the loophole that they can not directly harm each other. They can however influence their pawns to harm the player. 2) One side is allowed to influence those off the island, the other is able to influence those on the island. 3) Players may influence their pawns by any means they deem necessary.

Anyway, that's my rambling bit for tonight. Leave comments.

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