• Benjaminajacobs

    Post LA X Theories

    February 3, 2010 by Benjaminajacobs

    So after watching the premiere for the first time ("We're going to have to watch that again.") a couple of theories have popped into my head regarding key plot points and characters on the show.

    So they revealed that Flocke is the smoke monster. I believe that the smoke monster, or "Dark Entity" as I see it being called now, has tehe ability to integrate itself with any corpse on the island. This allows it to take the person's shape as well as give it access to all of their past thoughts and memories. This is how it was able to take the form of Yemi, Christian, and Locke. I imagine someone might argue that Walt isn't dead so how could it take his form. I don't think that Walt's apparition was the Dark Entity, but something unique about Walt…

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  • Benjaminajacobs

    Didn't realize that you could post blogs here. Really excited for the 6th season. I've almost completed my rewatch. Watching Season 4 finalé as I type. It's kind of odd, but I remembered most of the events from the first 3 seasons, but season 4 I didn't remember a lot of the stuff.

    I wanted to go on the lostpedia forums and join some discussions, but was sad to find that registration for the forums is closed.

    Just a quick bit of info on who I am. My name is Ben, I'm 31 and enlisted in the United States Air Force as a Staff Sergeant working in networking and communications. I'm currently stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado at Peterson Air Force Base. I'm a site admin at the website for the popular web comedy series Red vs Blue (another se…

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