Another one of my crazy theories came to me not too long ago. Jacob is always trying to bring people to the island to prove something to MIB about human nature, that people are inherently good and not evil. What if DHARMA's presence on the island was another of Jacob's experiments? What if he led them to the island in yet another attempt to prove his point?

Think about this: Richard comes to Jacob and becomes his liaison to the people. People gradually start showing up on the island and following Richard. This group of individuals, which will in the future be known as "Hostiles" and "Others", blindly follow Jacob's every word. To him he is some god-like figure, someone who must always be revered and respected.

Yet this proves nothing. The group lives in harmony because they're the only ones there. MIB happens to let this slip to Jacob one day, so Jacob summons another group, one that won't be so keen to do things Richard's way. The challenge is this: will Jacob's people coexist peacefully or will there be bloodshed? Can two different groups of people get along or will it, as MIB once said, lead to fighting and bloodshed?

Well, we all know how THAT turned out.

Anyway, just a thought.

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