"There's a new sheriff in town, boys. Y'all best get used to it."

These are some of the most memorable words ever spoken by Sawyer. It was one of the sound bytes used for his talking raft figurine, it was one of the quotes used on the loading screen in VIA DOMUS, and is frequently quoted by fans.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I'd post about this. Well, it's because lately I've been feeling more and more like the whole thing with Sawyer and the guns and the "new sheriff" was MAJOR foreshadowing that we didn't recognize, even after the event it was foreshadowing took place.

Let me elaborate on that.

In Season 1 ("The Long Con"), Sawyer pulled one hell of a con. He pitted Jack and Locke against each other, making it look as though a war was about to be waged by Ana Lucia and Jack. He even faked an attack on Sun to really get things riled up. While Jack and Locke were going at it, Sawyer went off and stole all the guns. By the time they realized they'd been duped, it was too late. Sawyer was not only in charge, he was laughing at their foolishness.

What if we're seeing the same thing now, except that it's being done to us? We see what the producers want us to see (a la Sawyer): two groups of people ready to wage war. What if it's another slight of hand? What if there's something more going on that we're not seeing, because we've been deceived? There's a saying, though I can't remember the exact wording. I think it says something like "The devil is in the details" or something like that. Perhaps we're overlooking crucial bits of information because, like Sawyer, the producers are saying "Hey, look over there! Those people are about to start a war!" and we look.

So we wonder who's going to die and what MIB's intentions truly are. We argue amongst ourselves about whether Jacob is good or evil and who that little boy with bloody arms is. Meanwhile, the guns have been removed from the hatch and hidden from us, and all because people don't realize they're in a "long con" until it's too late.



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