• Ben Barrett

    "There's a new sheriff in town, boys. Y'all best get used to it."

    These are some of the most memorable words ever spoken by Sawyer. It was one of the sound bytes used for his talking raft figurine, it was one of the quotes used on the loading screen in VIA DOMUS, and is frequently quoted by fans.

    Now, some of you may be wondering why I'd post about this. Well, it's because lately I've been feeling more and more like the whole thing with Sawyer and the guns and the "new sheriff" was MAJOR foreshadowing that we didn't recognize, even after the event it was foreshadowing took place.

    Let me elaborate on that.

    In Season 1 ("The Long Con"), Sawyer pulled one hell of a con. He pitted Jack and Locke against each other, making it look as though a w…

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  • Ben Barrett

    Jughead was a hoax!

    April 22, 2010 by Ben Barrett

    At the end of season 5, we see Juliet bloodied up and laying in the bottom of a big hole. She's got a rock in her hand and she's doing something so absurd it would be comical if we weren't watching LOST -- she's beating on the nuclear core of a hydrogen bomb, trying to get it to blow up in her face.

    Suddenly, it seems to work -- FLASH! BOOM! There's a blinding white light, followed by an inverted version of the LOST ending logo.

    Nine months later, season 6 begins, and we again see Juliet beat on Jughead until there's a big FLASH, but what comes next only baffles and confuses us. Instead of changing the timeline and erasing all of their experiences on the island, they find themselves in the year 2007. They're still on the island and noth…

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  • Ben Barrett

    Another one of my crazy theories came to me not too long ago. Jacob is always trying to bring people to the island to prove something to MIB about human nature, that people are inherently good and not evil. What if DHARMA's presence on the island was another of Jacob's experiments? What if he led them to the island in yet another attempt to prove his point?

    Think about this: Richard comes to Jacob and becomes his liaison to the people. People gradually start showing up on the island and following Richard. This group of individuals, which will in the future be known as "Hostiles" and "Others", blindly follow Jacob's every word. To him he is some god-like figure, someone who must always be revered and respected.

    Yet this proves nothing. …

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  • Ben Barrett

    I posted this theory on the official LOST forums a couple of days back and it received such an enthusiastic response I thought I'd re-post it here:

    I was laying in bed last night, thinking about MIB and trying to puzzle things out when I was hit with a sudden revelation. It was like finally solving a riddle. The pieces came together all at once and it struck me as so GLARINGLY obvious that I just HAD to post it here.

    What similarities do we see between the first plane crash and the second? There were quite a few, but the one that seems the most crucial is the fact that both planes were carrying a coffin. Notice that MIB assumed Locke's form when his body was brought onto the island in a coffin. He's parading around in his new Locke suit…

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