• BenLinus12

    In the latest episode, Ben was killed by Sayid in the jungle. But why did he do it? But this had to happen before because Faraday even said that. But you know, whatever they do has happened before in the past, like saving Amy from the Others, which led to the birth of Ethan who was part of the others later. But many things would change in the future since Ben is dead. Here's a list:-Ben would have never started the purge - Widmore would have never been banished - Juliet would have left the island sooner but her sister would have died-Goodwin and Ethan would be still alive-Desmond would have never met Penny because Penny would'nt even been born-Locke would have lost his legs in the hatch(depends if Ben did anything)- Alex would be with Daniā€¦

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