Ep. 12 The Return (To School)

Hey guys, its been a while since my last blog post but I haven't had anything to really talk about. But now I do, first of all, the whole Painting thing is kind of boring until painting 16, second I signed up for LU 22/23 for my placement test the only question I think I got wrong was the Widmore Polar Bear painting. Also I was looking for a jacket similar to the ones that Dr. Chang would wear (I don't mean the Jump Suits or Lab coats) so if you guys know a website were I might find one give me the URL please. Also while looking I found this cool website that sells LOST patches and here is one of a Looking glass station patch with inverted colors and the rabbit has a clock on its neck.


Inverted Looking Glass Patch With Clock

Looking forward to the comments TalkBenKilledDharmaBlog

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